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Tile Cleaning Davenport Fl
tile and grout cleaning davenport florida

 Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaning
.49 Cents per square foot Special
  • Tile pre-treatment and hand scrub (Gentle scrub which is safe for tile surface)
  • Grout line restoration treatment application
  • 240 degree deep steam cleaning
  • Microban sanitizer to kill germs
  • Clear water rinse
  • Free furniture moving for small items
  • Quick dry - Floor ready for full traffic in minutes
  • 100% safe for kids and pets

grout cleaning davenport florida


Carpet Cleaning Davenport removes years of stains and dirt from grout by meticulously hand scrubbing and steam cleaning each and every grout joint with our special heavy-duty, high-alkaline grout cleaner/stripper, which is formulated to remove embedded dirt, sand, bacteria, allergens, old sealers, and soil.

After the tile and grout are clean, we recommend a grout sealer application. The sealer not only protects the look of the grout, but it protects the tile from getting water underneath it, washing out the adhesives that hold the tiles down. This causes tiles to crack or form mold underneath. Many companies offering tile and grout cleaning tell customers it isn't necessary to re-seal the grout, but it will extend the life of the clean and protect your grout from re-soil. We offer a restoration tile and grout cleaning process, but we also highly recommend sealing your grout as well. To clean the tile properly with the correct equipment for a long lasting seal, it is time consuming and the equipment is expensive. It is simple; tile grout is porous, so without sealer it will re-soil sooner. It is recommended that you have your tile and grout cleaned and sealed once every 2-5 years, depending on foot traffic.

Price List
ANY QUANTITY .49 cents per SQ FT

Quantity Discounts

0-250 SF 1.49SF .49 SF

251-499 SF 1.39SF .49 SF

500-749 SF 1.29SF  .49 SF

750-999 SF 1.19SF  .49 SF 

1000 SF & Up 1.09SF .49 SF

Add Grout Sealer application for only .10 cents per square foot!

Ceramic Tile Cleaning ONLY, we do not offer Natural Stone Tile cleaning. 

On any tile job we do, we always do a sample area first to make sure our customer is going to be 100% satisfied with the outcome of the job at the end. If your are not completly satisfied with the sample area, we will pack up our equipment and you won't be charged anything. Not even a service call fee! 


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tile cleaning davenport fl
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Customers often ask us what makes our tile cleaning process better than other companies. First of all, we use premium cleaning products and our cleaning includes free premium sealer. The sealer alone will help extend the life of the cleaning. Second, the equipment we use is far superior at removing the soil without any damage to the tile, grout, baseboard, cabinets, and transition strips. The cheap companies use a rotary machine with a scrubbing pad that not only loosens the tiles, but sometimes tears out the grout lines. We gently hand scrub the grout lines and get a better clean without damaging the grout. Lastly we use a smooth glide steam clean process that rinses the tile of all residue. That truck mounted machine is $75,000 investment, and cheap companies can't afford it. Instead they use a mop bucket, or a portable machine similar to a shopvac. They have use all sorts of water, and that leaves soil-attracting soap residue behind. Even if they are able to get the grout clean, it won't last long! With all the soap residue, every time you walk on the floor, the floor will clean your feet or your shoes. In addition, our technicians are IICRC certified for tile and grout restoration by the institute. We guarantee all of our work.

tile and grout cleaning special davenport fl

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tile and grout cleaning coupon davenport florida

To achieve results like this, not only do you need a highly trained, skilled, IICRC Certified technician, but you need to hire a company that has the resources to own the proper equipment to do the job correctly without causing damage to the tile. The safe, non-toxic cleaning chemicals needed to do the job correctly is a big investment. Most companies use straight acids or floor stripper because it's a cheap product. Do you want your family and pets to breath in toxic vapor?

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professional tile and grout cleaning davenport fl
tile steam cleaning davenport fl
tile and grout cleaning services davenport fl

Professional IICRC Certified Tile and Grout Cleaning Technicians!

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grout cleaning special davenport florida

Over the last 30 years, we have cleaned tile and grout in thirty thousand dollar homes and thirty million dollar homes. No job is too small or too big. Everyone gets a premium quality job, everytime.

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*Notice To Florida Residents for tile and grout services 01/01/09

About 1 out of every 100 homes we do in the Florida market, during tile and grout restoration we experience water damage to the base of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that haven’t been properly installed, and made water resistant for the wet areas they exist in. This is oversight or a short cut on the behalf of the builder or installer. In all cases we found that their was bare, unprotected wood directly place on the tile with no paint, sealing, caulk or any type of protection. It's common since that cabinetry installed in wet area should be protected against water or made water resistant, especially if constructed of chipboard or MDF board that is extremely sensitive to water. There is no way for the technician to determine if the installation is proper without removing cabinets and looking underneath which is nearly impossible. During normal moping this problem normally won't happen. When tile and grout requires the first deep cleaning or restoration service, whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, this problem will occur due to the fact that additional water is used in the process. While this situation is very rare, it does happen and we cannot be held responsible for negligence on the behalf of the builder. In addition to this warning notice, we also require every customer to sign our hold harmless/contract which spells out our 100% release of liability on the reverse side of the contract for damages to cabinetry during the process. Although this happens to all companies that clean tile in the area, we pre-warn this situation may happen to be upfront with our customers with this notice.

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Don't Spend 1000's of Dollars replacing your tile when we can make it look new again for a fraction of the cost!
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